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Shouguang: to lay the battle to clean leaves
Release time:2016-11-28      Scan: Times

With the arrival of winter, the weather gets colder, leaves of Shouguang City, city streets have brought great difficulty to the sanitation work. It is understood that for cleaning up the leaves in a timely manner, to ensure that the road environment is not affected, Shouguang City sanitation department to actively take measures to take the mechanical and artificial combination of cleaning leaves, give full play to the mechanical advantage, ensure the quality of environmental sanitation city landslide.

In Shouguang City Square Street East of Yingbin Road, the reporter saw a lot of ash leaves by the wind. The leaves are light weight and small volume, and continued to fall, the sanitation workers are often just finished cleaning the road to turn around and come down a layer of leaves, need to repeatedly clean in order to ensure the cleanliness of the road. It is understood, Shouguang City, Wen temple, stone road, Zhengyang Road, square, street planting Fatong, wax sections are often leaves a disaster area". "Now at 4 in the morning to clean the road, before the road is the first to pick up garbage, now came to sweep the leaves, because the leaves are lighter, a gust of wind blowing, originally to sweep a pile of leaves and blew everywhere, it is just a lot when leaves began to fall, especially in the wind, clean up it is very difficult, I am a morning sweep three times, which is fourth times." Is Bohai road cleaning ash leaves the sanitation workers Li Cuiping said.

Road on both sides of the increasing amount of trees, not only to bring a lot of pressure on the sanitation cleaning work, but also to a certain extent, the impact of the city. Therefore, Shouguang City sanitation department to actively take effective measures to adopt artificial and mechanical combination, with autumn and winter leaves clearing, collection and transport work, to ensure the environmental health status during good leaves. Sanitation department prepare various cleaning tools, brooms, woven bags, squeeze the car, garbage truck, sweeping machine, encounter windy and rainy weather in advance notice, guarantee the cleaning personnel, tools, vehicles can work in place. The density of large trees, street traffic large vehicles, sanitation department, timely adjustment of operation mode, give full play to take advantage of mechanization, machine and artificial cleaning combination operation mode, increase the focus on leaf cleaning efforts, the daily two day general sweep, middle pick up "the manual operation mode, adjust for" cleaning all day long Hou ", to ensure timely clean the road leaves. According to the situation of the development of the road leaves mechanized cleaning plan of Wen temple, Yinhai Road, the city street, Zhengyang road and other key sections to increase mechanization patrol sweep operation frequency, effectively improve the work efficiency and the cleaning quality. According to the various paragraphs leaf size, timely adjust the cleaning staff, additional collection of cars and large compression car, increase the number of transport garbage removal, at any time, give the best in autumn and winter deciduous sweep this battle".

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