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       Shanghai Tian Yi environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the company is committed to the production of the quality of the world's clean environment equipment. Is specialized in the research, development, manufacture and sales of environmental sanitation equipment. The main products are cleaning, cleaning and garbage transport three series. After years of continuous growth, the company has become the leading domestic manufacturers of small cleaning products. Its product technical content and function with the international advanced level synchronization, the part is better than the international advanced level. Is a high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. Innovative technology companies.

      Excellent team, forward-looking R & D team and high quality manufacturing process to make the field of international competitiveness. The company set up sales and technical service offices and agents in the north, northwest, southwest, northeast, Southern China and other major areas, the cleaner products sold to all over the country, some products exported to the United States, Europe, South Korea, Australia, Asia and other countries and regions. From the first few million to the production and marketing 30 million. Technology has matured, the production has begun to take shape. Gradually improve the sales system.

      "Green fields would" add a wonderful World Expo, in 2008 the company's commitment to Shanghai Landscaping Administration Bureau for the protection of the environment in Shanghai was held in World Expo, more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and clean project of the pure electric cleaning machine, electric washing machine technology project, in Shanghai city greening and city Appearance Management Bureau, Shanghai city environment Shanghai Protection Bureau, Pudong New Area environmental protection and City Health Bureau, Shanghai city World Expo Coordination Bureau vigorously guide support under the company completed with independent intellectual property rights of electric efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection cleaning machine, cleaning machine. In 2010 the company successfully delivered to the World Expo R & D electric cleaning machine. In July 2016, the company also undertook the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission on the smart electric car cleaning vehicle control and demonstration application project.

       And there are a number of series of products being developed. And there are a number of products will be developed. Tian Yi company has been planning for the past two years. Three years. Five years. Ten years of product development. Cities, towns and villages - construction and maintenance of roads, railways and so on.

       Tian Yi company has developed in domestic and international competition, in accordance with the "strategy of development into the development, cooperation and competition, do fine, preferred to do fine", constantly absorbing the world most advanced production technology, manufacturing technology, management philosophy. The establishment of the company's R & D, logistics, sales and service, financial support and after-sales service in line with the international norms of the system and operating mechanism.

       Tian Yi company has established "the establishment of a sustainable development of the hundred years of Tian Yi, a world oriented international field, the orientation of the development of an open cooperation in the development of Tian Yi", realize the production scale, operating efficiency and development of the enterprise's comprehensive strength rising. In order to achieve bigger and stronger pursuit, Tian Yi people are seeking development with a wider field of vision, and strive to become independent, Tian Yi building open innovation, mutually beneficial cooperation and sustainable development of city and environmental protection products manufacturer with international competitiveness.

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